Learn From These Plumbing Tips

If there is unwanted water draining into the dishwasher, check how the kitchen sink hoses are installed. The hose from your sink to your dishwasher has to go up and then down in order for the water of both locations to not mix.

You should schedule all your plumbing repairs for one appointment in order to save money and time. Create a list of all the plumbing issues you would like to have a professional address. This will allow the plumber to handle everything in one visit and save you the service charge for additional calls.toilet repairs

TIP! As soon as you notice any water accumulating on the floor by your water heater, turn off the water valves. If you don’t, a small leak can turn into a much larger leak, making it harder to shut off.

Don’t flush items like paper towels, such as diapers, tissues, paper towels and cotton balls.

When you are figuring out a problem with your toilet, your flapper might be your issue. Flappers do deteriorate over periods of time, and the majority of toilet leaks start with flapper issues. Check the chain pressure first to make sure it is right. If it is, then the flapper is most likely the problem.

TIP! Do regular maintenance to help avoid sink and faucet leaks. A leak can waste as much as 150 gallons per day, so consistently checking your pipes and waterlines for cracks and leaks is important.

People try to save money by buying the least expensive shower head instead of a quality product.The disadvantage to doing so is that these models are not highly durable and can break much easier.

If your plumbing system is showing its age, it may be in your best interest to replace some parts. Fixing holes with foam does not last very long. Invest in a new part, and fix the problem for good.

TIP! A damaged or worn flapper, or a seat that has mineral deposits, lets water run constantly into the bowl, which can dramatically increase water bills. This problem can usually be solved by replacing the flapper and cleaning the flapper seat.

Not as bad as you thought, correct? Though plumbing is a complex subject, there is a great deal of information out there. You might just need an idea about where you can start out on your path! The tips provided to you in this article will help you do just that.

Clean your plumbing system often to ensure it doesn’t get blocked up. This is especially important for toilet drains or pipes which are outside and can be affected by tree roots.
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U.S. Has ‘Begun The Process’ Of Withdrawing From Syria, Pentagon Says

Pentagon Says

Updated at 11:30 p.m. ET

The Pentagon says U.S. military personnel in Syria are moving ahead with President Trump’s order to pull out of the war-torn country.

The U.S. force in Syria has “begun the process of our deliberate withdrawal from Syria,” said Col. Sean Ryan, spokesman for the for Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve. More than 2,000 U.S. troops are currently deployed in Syria.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights had reported that in the previous 24 hours, U.S. forces had withdrawn 150 personnel from Rmelan military base.

News of the first steps of a withdrawal come as the U.S. is negotiating with Turkey about guaranteeing protections for U.S.-allied Kurdish fighters. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government considers the Kurdish YPG militia in Syria to be a terrorist organization linked to Kurdish separatist groups within Turkey.

On Friday, U.S. national security adviser John Bolton said those talks will continue into next week. They’re taking place even as Erdogan says his military is prepared for a possible operation in northern Syria.

Turkey welcomed Trump’s surprise order to the Pentagon, while other U.S. NATO allies said they received no notice. Within the Trump administration, disagreement over the pullout quickly led to the resignations of both Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Brett McGurk, the president’s special envoy to the coalition fighting ISIS.

The timeline for withdrawal has been the subject of shifting statements from the White House, which has been accused of sending mixed messages about its mission in Syria and its broader priorities in the Middle East.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is currently on an eight-day tour to try to ease concerns about Trump’s policies in the region. On Thursday, Pompeo declared that the U.S. is a “force for good” in the Middle East. On Friday, he told Egyptian state TV that the U.S. will pull out of Syria as the president ordered, “but we’ll do so in a way that makes sense, that is orderly, that does everything we can to ensure the security of those who fought alongside us defeating the caliphate inside of Syria.”

Begun The Process

When Trump ordered the U.S. pullout on Dec. 19, he declared victory over ISIS and said, “Our boys, our young women, our men, they’re all coming back, and they’re coming back now.”

But after the resignations of Mattis and McGurk and amid a wave of bipartisan criticism in Washington, Trump hinted at a longer timeframe. On Dec. 23, he said there would be a “slow & highly coordinated pullout of U.S. troops from the area.”

Bolton said last weekend in Jerusalem that the drawdown is conditional and doesn’t have a hard deadline.

Bolton’s comments angered Erdogan, who abruptly canceled a planned meeting earlier this week.

Instead, Erdogan gave a speech to Parliament in which he rejected the idea that Turkey would not harm Kurdish fighters and said his country will allow no concessions in its war against terrorism.

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Econ, Too


Last weekend, we flew to Atlanta for the year’s biggest event in economics, the annual gathering of the American Economic Association. There were thousands of economists there. It’s a must-attend event for econ nerds, and we try to go every year. (If you haven’t heard our show about Robert Smith and Adrian Ma’s visit two years ago, it’s here.)

Reforming economics
The AEA, Bernanke said, has begun taking steps to make the field more inclusive, such as sponsoring a moderated website for job discussions, creating a diversity committee and surveying AEA members to figure out what to fix. The sessions at the Atlanta conference, Bernanke highlighted, were selected by a committee made up mostly of women.

At 8 a.m. on Saturday (ouch), we dropped in on a session called “How Can Economics Solve Its Gender Problem?” It turned out to be well worth the sleep deprivation. The women on the panel — and they were all women — shared stories of navigating a maze of sexism. The panelists included Janet Yellen, the first and only woman to head the U.S. Federal Reserve. Yellen, who left that job in early 2018, will take over as president of the AEA in 2020.

“I entered graduate school in 1967, … the heyday of women’s lib,” said Yellen, who got her Ph.D. in economics at Yale. Yellen recalled her classmates protesting a men’s only club on campus, where a lot of business and networking was done. Women had some success, but Yellen said she feels the movement lost steam by the 1980s. “What’s hopeful is I see another wave of feminism here that’s been aroused by the #MeToo movement.”


Can economics explain the problem?
This was a group of economists at an economic conference, but their analysis of the field’s gender problem drew a lot of ideas from outside economics. The panelists kept coming back to implicit bias, which is how psychologists talk about unrecognized feelings and attitudes that affect our judgement and actions. They cited studies that suggest this bias lurks behind unequal treatment of female economists, and they described a toxic professional culture that disadvantages women. “The bullying culture of economics is one of our biggest problems,” said Stanford economist Susan Athey after the panel, adding that culture is understudied in the field.

Much of the story of modern economics has been economists moving past this cartoon model and toward models that are more reflective of the real world. Yet Athey says she’s been shocked by how many economists seem to have a blind spot when it comes to gender. “It’s like they fall back from modern economics and onto a very stylized version of economics when it comes to this particular issue,” she said.

Unlike the other sessions we attended, the audience was mostly female. Sitting in the audience, it felt like a reckoning was taking place.

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